Denisse and her team of artisans create custom pieces for special events, weddings, performances, photoshoots and festivals such as Coachella, Burning Man and Glastonbury.

Explore the gallery below and our SHOP to be inspired for your own Denisse M Vera custom creation.

We look forward to bringing to life some magic for you.

Denisse M Vera Custom

Distinctive macramé designs for weddings, special events and festivals.

A beautiful fluid process…

Bring forward your vision

Explain the setting, the aesthetic and the intention

Trust us

We will…

Feel into your energy

Explore the elements you wish to incorporate

Bring to life your unique Denisse M Vera design as a sketch


We discuss, we fine tune, we plan, we create

It is a connected process

One which leads you towards becoming a Denisse M Vera soul

And once you put on your Denisse M Vera armour

You are a Denisse M Vera soul for life.