Artisan Archives

Artisan Archives is a project inspired by our ethos which is centred on shining light on the ancient textile art of macramé. The purpose of Artisan Archives is to be a platform for Artisans to share their story and their art in a renewed and elevated light and to a wider audience. We wish to work towards raising the profile of macramé so artisans worldwide can be valued for their art and celebrated for their craftsmanship. 

We are so excited to introduce to you, our featured artisans and for their intricate creations to find their new forever homes. If you feel drawn to a particular jewellery piece, it is most probably meant for you. 

We thank you for being here and if you select a piece of art to own, we thank you for believing in and supporting our artisans and our vision.


The Artisans

Cochiguaz, Chile

Yucatán, Mexico

Ushuaia, Argentina

Bucaramanga, Colombia

Arecibo, Puerto Rico


The Full Collection

Photography by Anthony Gattari 
Hair styling by Dan Tafeuni 
Makeup by Hilary Ho 
Model Jess Muirr


The Archives

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